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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  January 13, 2020 7:00am-8:00am PST

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a little slippery to we've had a lot of spinouts because it's been a spit of a soggy commute with the fog donnel explain we've got so many problems in the santa cruz mountains because folks going too fast out there. >>i like la there's nothing and that we do have some fog this morning as robin noted and has made for some wet conditions on roads so even though your monday morning commute is a lot better than some of the commute i'm anticipating later this week that low cloud cover has left us a little damp you can see it really well from the lick observatory here it's mostly been a problem as you're heading to the hills but now having settled down a little bit further c s lauren countering a even right along side, the bay in some spots visibility is still holding a pretty good though napa you're one of spots that seeing the most impact in visibility at this time as we make our way into the mid morning 10:15am right here fog becoming less and less of a thing plan that were set up for some sunshine, the rest of the day a nice dry afternoon ahead of us
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something we've got used to. >>before some brief showers tonight, something got used to mother nature has been cooperating with timing at least as far as the rainfall we've seen lately livermore dublin in the 30's oakland and alameda you're in the mid 40's. well, north bay temperatures also in the 30's this morning, definitely cool enough for that jacket and whether enough that you do want to leave a little extra early because who needs to drive fast so it down a little bit 50's for your high temperatures later on and that sunshine definitely making its appearance later on today robin very slow heading into san francisco john the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza still there. >>it's only gonna get heavier as we continue through the morning drive it's already crawling from the oakland maze, so just be prepared for that are averaging 14 minutes to make it and checking in on highway 17 we mentioned the slippery roads and if you travel on 17 you'll notice that accrues have activated all the signs tell you that it's a little slippery. >>warning folks to slow it down and look at the long stretch of heavy traffic. we have 2 crashes. north of the
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summit, so it's just creeping from glenwood to just north of the lexington reservoir and that's why you're at a whopping 40 minutes for your drive time the shore freeway, it's quiet. but there's a line stretching from richmond down to oakland, it's averaging 24 minutes to make it to the maze james star yet. >>ok thank you very much rob and happening now a group of homeless mothers are refusing to move out of a home that they've been occupying anoka for a while even though a judge on friday ordered them to leave cover sarah stinson is live in front of the home where a rally is underway. sarah. >>the at right now it's a quiet more peaceful rally because they don't want to wake up the neighborhood but they're all here there's got to be at least maybe a 100 here the trying to stay on the sidewalk try not to get in the street really trying to be as respectful as possible, but all these people are here for this mou moms for housing movement and you know they're all here in support of the mothers and children who have been living in the oakland house illegally the last
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couple of months even though a judge has ordered them to vacate the property by this week, the mothers say housing should be a right and they deserve the opportunity to purchase the home. we just heard from the oakland city council president rebecca kaplan and she said that this the owners of this property wedgwood do not have any. including of helping people who are in need of housing, they said they tried to have the oakland community land trust by this house, but they denied that request was would the company that owns this magnolia street home has offered to pay catholic charities to shelter the moms and their children for the next 2 months a move their belongings to a new location. but dominic walker one of the homeless moms who took over this vacant west oakland home made it clear they have no plans to move and may think that their offer is completely disingenuous in alameda county superior court judge found that these moms had no valid claim of possession to the
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subject property and had 5 these to make it that was friday the tents were now on monday the 13th let's take a listen to president kaplan talk about what needs to happen. she talks about how this is a movement about the homeless crisis and about the housing crisis take a listen. >>these are moms trying to take care of their children has anybody would they were in that situation and so it is essential that we take stronger action to put an end to wrongful convictions and predatory foreclosures many of which are the reason why people have been displaced out of our community. >>what would release this statement to us saying as we have said all along we respect what they're saying that we cannot condone the theft of this company's home we hope they see that we continue to reach out and ask him to depart our home voluntarily and peacefully the judge's order does indicate the moms can be forcibly removed from the house within 5 days and
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that's why they asked supporters to come out and join them they're all here in support of these women now wedgwood they say they plan on taking this home renovating and selling it to first time, but and first time buyers they're working with an organization which would hire low income housing but president kaplan says she doesn't buy it. she says that you know at the end of the day they don't want to sell it to this community land trust they don't want to help the local community and said they're working with an organization that's not even local and when we asked president kaplan about the fact that these women and moved into a vacant house that wasn't even there's she basically just turned around and said you know just because of this huge homeless crisis 4,000 homeless people on the streets of oakland and even more across the bay area so this is bringing up a lot. >>of topics topics that we've been talking about for a while now and be interesting to see if this actually puts a dent in the problem itself in the meantime you can see the support you can see a lot of
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people passionate about this problem for now send it back to you in the studio. >>all right, thanks. a lot sarah. >>so the niners one step closer to a trip to the super bowl as they're slated to host the packers now in the nfc championship game that's going to be a great game because when a plan seattle great a loss to green bay. >>in the divisional round the packers get out to a 21 3 lead in the 1st half. >>russell wilson and the seahawks were not going down without a fight for the could make it happen a rally got within 5 points. but aaron rodgers sealed the victory for the packers with a few first downs late in the game. yeah, so now the packers a traveling to santa clara to pay the not play the niners next sunday kron four's will tran standing by at levi stadium. >>i guess you could put it this way will the 49 ers are one step closer to the most anticipated j lo schuck you're a concert in february all right absolutely if you're in the halftime show us. i can't believe that halftime shows that when you go to the
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bathroom but on the millions of people they tune in. >>for a night tune in for the commercials, everybody will be tuning in on sunday because it will be the only game in the country feel that genes packers niners because of what arias said the packers put away the niners nemesis yesterday and this sets up part 2. the packers snyder's part one did not end well for the packers they got a beat down they came in. hoping to have the niners have their first loss of the season instead they took it right in the chin, the face the nose very early on it wasn't even close the score was 37 days and that last 8 points or so just thrown in aaron rodgers sacked 5 times he was ugly. i'm sure the networks didn't like it because they actually. >>move the game this sunday night think he would be a great matchup instead it was a
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laugh or and this time the niners will have steve ford and kwon alexander back so their defense. >>it is even better when they face rogers back in week 12 and i have question about what he does. >>it's just oh we just lost will i think we will try and reconnect with him he was saying was great to watch is just looking at these highlights to relive in celebrations or they come back to bite once again, we trounced them like we did last time and here of course are highlights from this saturday's game where the 49 ers again dismantled the minnesota vikings you were john sabol was there by the way was a little nerve wracking at first when i when i was 7, 7, all tied up the 1st quarter but the niners niners and then sherman with the great the defense was on fire u 2 runs in from i was going crazy cousins had a all game long against the defense
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to shut it down and that's hopefully what we're going to e again come next sunday so keep it to the kron 4 we will have wall-to-wall coverage leading up to sunday, you can either find it on our kron on app or our website kron 4 dot com of course on our special process was here. i did you know i got rid of my gold boots. oh because no a right they were never going to come back and i guess tired like it harbaugh days right we get to the playoffs. it's also i had like i would wear burgundy and who has gold boots like at any one time and now they're gone, i'll never find them and she regret isn't really look a man. >>at 7 oh 9 to san francisco high school robotics team was targeted by thieves, somebody stole $10,000 of their equipment and they're just weeks away now from big competition burglars broke into a shed full of equipment at where the robotics team put their from the russia salah school for the arts and they made off with tools and computers and they need that
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for the robotics competition, so now the students are trying to do whatever they can to get back what's been lost. >>it's stocks. it's a sucks to have this money taken from us in these you know time wasted it's so difficult. i try like see past that try and see how are we going to do things about these tools anymore. >>police did find a clue blood at the scene and that might help them identify the burglars some. >>still ahead here on the kron 00:04am to honor victims of a fatal crash in antioch we're going hear from one of the survivors. plus lawmakers are getting ready for trump's impeachment trial which could start as early as this week, we'll have the very latest on what the president's face it. >>instagram pull some iranian post and 2019 was a record for the box office, m i'm jane king will have their stories coming up. >>and chilly temperatures this morning. we're in the 30's and 40's right now across the bay with napa nevado santa rosa and livermore in the upper
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30's. >>and tracking your commute around the bay area check out the drive-thru emeryville this is 80 west of powell street we see all the brake lights that's a commute directions. it's stopping lot of sa you shouldn't have to live with pain. you shouldn't have to pretend you're fine. you shouldn't have to be the ambulance. you shouldn't have to be thinking about the cost. you should just be focused on her. covered california can help you find a health plan that fits your needs and budget. because we believe you shouldn't have to choose between the life you've built and the care you need. z3pgqz z1ncz
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y3pgqy y1ncy
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>>in right now following the weather for your we're in for a cold week, yes, chilly ahead of us yesterday was your introduction to it, yeah it was cold out when is you know can always be worse when you
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watch the news and see what's happening all over the country get worse this week as it turns out thursday's the day we're really looking at because that's the day that could cause some issues it will be windy cold and rainy on that day the trifecta not so nice looking outside this morning. we do have some low clouds and fog but sunshine about to be once that fog does burn off you can already see that sunshine above the clouds at the lick observatory skies are going to be nice and clear this afternoon so repeating a lot of what we had yesterday which was chilly conditions calm conditions. >>and a dry afternoon ahead now we do have a lot of light snowfall still being seen up on the western slope of the sierra some slick conditions as you head up into the sierra this morning. so if you are heading that way be wary of that light showers will return overnight tonight shower timing has been cooperating. we've had our dry afternoons and then the rainfall arriving as you've gone to bed and tonight will be no different a light showers in the north bay around 08:00pm release descending into the rest of
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the bay towards 1030 1045. and most of us at least on a monday night should be down and getting ready for bed by that 0.1 30 am some of our most widespread rainfall across the bay and by 3 towards 04:00am. we start to see it working out so early commuters are going to have some wet roadways. but most of us are going to be encountering any active rainfall anymore as that rainfall does push out setting us up for sunshine much like today again tomorrow, daytime highs today will be in the mid 50's for most of the day some upper 50's in mount view, san jose in redwood city while oakland hayward delay how in fremont 56 for daytime highs tomorrow temperatures very similar to today, a little clearer today than tomorrow will be though that we work our way into wednesday. it will be dry to start but wednesday night showers arrive and rainfall looks likely to just stay with us through the day on thursday. our heaviest of rainfall too. friday and saturday showers again possible and drying out by 9 ers game time on sunday again, i'm just in time for them to
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take on the packers robin all right to the north bay we go we are taking a peek at one oh one. >>there's a line that's leaving nevado right around 37 at some moderate crowding that's going continue to south of marine what that scene looks good just before you get to a central sandra fell so not so bad making it to the golden gate busy here approaching the toll plaza on the san francisco side but not bad at all only 26 minutes for your drive time the bay bridge traffic 80 west it's been slow for a couple of hours now spilling back to the bottom of the maze but that's completely normal with no big trouble spots. well what about the don't pardon bridge 84 west. that's 23 minutes to make it over to the peninsula, no problems for to 3787, picking up at 14 minutes from 85 to one on one, an 80 looks good a quick trip of 8 minutes, san jose to milpitas james. >>all right robin, thank you 7 16 is the time, let's turn our attention to some national news, this morning president trump's impeachment trial in the senate could start as early as this week we haven't
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jones now with the story. >>house speaker nancy pelosi signaling the wait is almost over saying she's ready to send the articles of impeachment to the senate this week i've always said i would send them over so they should there should be any mystery to that we have confidence in our case. >>that is impeachable and this president is impeached for life. pelosi, relaying a strong warning to her republican colleagues like senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who is backed a resolution to dismiss the charges against the president. it's missing is a cover up if they want to go that route again. who are thinking now about voting for witnesses or not they will have to be accountable. for not having a fair trial made out of president trump firing off a warning to it tweeting many believe that by the senate giving credence to a trial rather than an outright dismissal. it gives the partisan democrat witch hunt credibility that otherwise does not have i agree. the
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white house has been repaired to start the senate trial since before christmas one official says. cnn has learned white house counsel pat cipollone and trump's outside counsel jay sekulow will likely represent the president. senator susan collins has indicated she is working with some of her republican colleagues to see if they can reach an agreement on calling witnesses in the senate trial. meanwhile members of trump's team struggling to defend why he says they decided to order a strike killing iran's top military leader. i can reveal that i believe it would have been 4 embassies defense secretary mark esper. >>even directly contradicting the president. he didn't cite a specific piece of evidence what he says he probably he believes are you saying that didn't want i didn't see one with regard to 4 embassies later esper seemingly changing his story to cnn's jake tapper us what the president said with regard to the 4 embassies is what i believe as well and he said he believed that they probably that they could have been targeting the embassies in the region national security adviser robert
7:19 am
o'brien saying there was a threat without being too specific everything the president says that is that is consistent with interpretation. >>it's very consistent with the intelligence was show that so my was plotting to kill americans. soldiers sailors airmen, and marines and our diplomats and self. >>we we we feel we feel very good about it. well it was at jones reporting both republicans and democrats have called the president's mixed messages. >>on iran alarming. >>it's 7.19 and for your money this morning instagram is pulling some posts that violate us sanctions against iran and amazon tell shoppers pay pals honey is a security risk and jane king is live at the nasdaq i don't even know honey is on that and i know i just learning and myself daria they have been getting a lot of publicity lately and during the height of the holiday shopping season, amazon warning some users that the browser extension honey could be a security risk now pay pal paid 4 billion for the start up. >>which has worked with amazon since it was founded in 2012, so this appears to be amazon's
7:20 am
first public warning about honey security concerns amazon says the honey traction private shopping behavior collects data like your history and item save just well no bomb or open a new meat packing plant to process black angus be so this is one way they can control the supply chain though this facilities in georgia is the company's first such plant warmer said its opening to process angus beef steaks and roasts. >>which it will sell in 500 stores in the southeast. well instagram its parent company facebook of removing posts that voice support for the slain iranian general qassem soleimani to comply with us sanctions iranian state media reports that the government has called for nationwide legal action against instagram in protest. instagram is one of the few western social media platforms that is not blocked in iran. facebook and twitter are blocked, but some radiance have backdoor ways to access those sites and the 2019 global box office hit a record high ticket sales. why 42 billion for the first time ever the national association of theater owners says disney
7:21 am
was responsible for 34% of that live from the nasdaq, i'm jane king bacteria, thanks a lot of shame. >>time now when a hollywood announces the nominees for this year's oscar awards going to take a look at who those nominations so went to will have the big categories coming up and here's a live look outside we track the bay bridge approach where traffic certainly is building and you can see some of that lingering fog as well. so we have robin winston with your commute check find out if there are hot spots out there and john travel with an outlook on the winter weather. we'll have trump: those pre-existing
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>>new this morning, the oscar nominations have been announced we carry some of that live for you this morning, let's take a peek. >>for performance by an actor in a leading role, the actors branch nominate. antonio banderas in pain and glory. caprio and once upon a time in hollywood. marriage story. joker. and the 2 pope. >>for performance by an actress in a leading role, the actors branch nominates. cynthia erivo and harriet.
7:25 am
scarlet johansen in marriage story. they're sure on in in little women. charlie's fair and in bombshell. acre in judy. the nominations for best actor and actress, you know what i have read the best picture nominations because i know to to uh so run down the list versus for our young irishman jojo rabbit joker little women. >>marriage story 1917 once upon a time in hollywood and parasite will leave these up well i ask you what was your you have and we are taking over and movies that i enjoy i can't don't know it's these are all over the board between little movies of big movies and so it's hard for me to compare ford versus ferrari which i loved to hear a site which was a tiny out of south korea and it was some time which is fabulous as well through and once upon a time
7:26 am
hollywood which i didn't like them at the movie. but i love lee r ut campus performance. you like to 1917 just saw that that was a great story i loved for its cinematography more than anything right so and joker and ford versus ferrari or the other 2 favorite to have on the list. >>joker the have to say probably like it more for joaquin phoenix's performance that is a movie over also the same with many overseas for our if i was looking for an overall movie that left me feeling just really fulfilled our hanging probably for purchase for are all right and it was one of those big productions you know you have seen on the big screen or you can watch it. well how can you stream a night probably around i don't think cell plus the car. i watch everything on my phone and a show like that i watch to see the cars are roaring and you know you want to see us how. >>we have a list of the complete list of all the nominees and all the different categories our website at kron 4 dot coms you can chime in make your own voting all right still ahead here on the kron 4 morning news, a shooting in the east bay ends in tragedy. the east bay ends in tragedy. we're going hear from
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7:30 am
average we have a new crash on a 92 foot a little heavy ok and we may have some movie watching weather this week, the s the weather itself won't be getting any awards but you might as well watch grains on thursday announce the day yeah and tonight we do have rainfall too, but it's not the big rain that daria just mentioned that's exactly right do expect that wednesday night into thursday that's the day that you will hopefully have a good movie to enjoy and just stay home as much as possible this morning, not so bad we've had some low cloud cover and visibility has been an issue in just spotty areas overall though we've seen a relatively clear morning in most of the fog that we've been seeing a hanging out has been right above the day so actually more so some low cloud cover that's been hovering right above us as far as conditions go we are nice and dry across the day temperatures right now in the 30's and 40's. >>dublin in livermore you're reaching the upper 30's. well oakland in the mid 40's at 45
7:31 am
alameda 46 north bay temperatures in the mid to upper 30's as well later on today expect mid-fifties a lot like yesterday was expect a cool one a clear one in a dry one ahead of our evening showers rock off to 92 are checking in on the san mateo bridge i just had a report of an accident west of the toll plaza. >>i don't see it here so looks like it was you know quickly clear which is great, but you still have to deal with all of that commute traffic to the peninsula. so it's not going to be a bad commute. it's the usual slowing from the pay gates to the high rise just under 30 minutes to send the tail, here's a pic of the bay bridge traffic, it's not improving its solid from the maze now you're back up officially spills on to 5 80 and the e sure so it's getting heavier by the minute you're still under 20 minutes for your average into san francisco james darya. >>thanks a lot of 7 31 in the east bay, one man died in a shooting early in the morning and what neighborhoods is usually a peaceful area, hey we're at kron four's gayle ong has more details hayworth
7:32 am
police have this area blocked off for 12 hours what happened is not entirely clear. >>it's the city's first homicide of 2020. >>i don't even know anything until i came out of the house at about 1230. in. so the police caught the shooting took place in this residential neighborhood considered generally safe little neighborhood is very >>i lived here for over 50 years and non nothing ever this the first time i see something like this happen very safe. he and mary quite. >>we'll always alert when we hear anything neighbors watched as investigators combed the scene for evidence the intersection of osage avenue and has driver blocked off for several hours. my mom called me this morning. >>and said that she was contact around 05:00am and asking should any noises but she was sound asleep. i was coming down to take down a christmas lights and so she said that i said i can't get
7:33 am
to your house officers responded to the shooting just before 5 30 sunday morning when they arrived they found the man with gunshot wounds paramedics tried to help but the man died at the scene. >>it's unclear if the shooting happened inside or outside the home from the street you can see officers coming in and out of the house blocked off with yellow crime scene tape. the alameda county coroner's office will release the victim's name once his family is notified. >>reporting in hayward gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>also the news, a man was hit and killed by a muni train in san francisco, the train was stopped at bayshore and sunny dale early sunday morning when the man apparently waiting on the platform climbed over the trains safety straps and took a seat there on the couple are between the trains but then one point fell off and that's when he was struck by the second car of that train and killed muni says this is actually the first time the sort of incentives ever happened or at least happened in the last 2 years. >>7 33 in the south bay highway patrol is investigating the shooting that left a car riddled with bullets in san jose. it
7:34 am
happened as people are driving in his car on one oh one in san jose, a man and a woman were in the car driving southbound there hellyer avenue when another car tried to pass almost hit on then slow down and then the victim's car caught up that's when the other car lowered the window and somebody opened fire the woman was injured from broken glass. there's no description of the other car or the gunman. a fire started at a homeless encampment in santa rosa yesterday it started near stony point road along the joe ridout a trail that's tht same area that is also infested with rats. the 8 and a half mile trail links downtown santa rosa and sebastopol local communities along that trail are debating how to handle the hundreds of people who are living in a homeless encampment there. >>one year since a fatal crash that claimed the lives of 2 teenagers and injured 4 others. it happened as they were leaving a football game at deer valley high school there was a rainy night when their suv slammed into a tree
7:35 am
on lone tree way an indian hill drive. police later said that it was a wet roads in the speed that were factors. now exactly one year later family and friends gathered at the crash site honoring the 2 lives lost. under the >>well known as a as a miracle buff just feel blessed that i got my life today in our lives. >>i'm thinking about the other 2. that lost their lives j m. iranian to us. they can about their families. >>the other 2 survivors could make it to the vigil but as for the 2 that did show up one has since graduated from high school in the other is set to graduate this year. >>happening today, 12 newly sworn officers are going to be patrolling bart stations, this because a new report found crime has increased on bart last year bar saw an 11% increase in crime overall compared to 2018 and a 4% spike in violent crime and 59% of that violent crime is
7:36 am
related to the theft of electronics. in addition to the 12 officers 10 unarmed ambassadors will be patrolling as well. >>the 12 that would put not on monday in a note ambassador program that's going to be 22 more bodies, 22 more eyes and ears that are getting crease or presence in the new safety in our system. >>and you'll start seeing those 12 new officers today and then the 10 new ambassadors will start next month. >>sonoma county's growing homeless crisis is on the minds of both residents and the board of supervisors in fact there are now several proposals to tackle a problem. one of the ideas has the county buying 3 homes for the homeless to share one neighbor who lives next door to one of these 3 houses the county's thinking of buying is against the plan. meanwhile, others support the idea. >>almost $6 million or 60 people. that doesn't go for that over need help you know because i know lot of that we keep the place you know clean
7:37 am
and that's what we need we need to screen these people and bring him into this you know. >>environment a good, you know, and it's wonderful. >>the board of supervisors will be discussing the proposals further at their next meeting on tuesday. one of san francisco's last all girl, catholic schools will close at the end of the school year. the last day of school for mercy high school will be june first until then classes and activities will continue as normal. the school says that mursi's focus right now is on the students its faculty and staff. the school added that it would also help transition current and prospective students to other schools. 07:37am. >>the 8 o'clock hour of the kron 4 morning news, a case of the flu turns nearly fatal for a little girl in iowa. and now she's dealing with a whole new set of problems and after the break a police officer survives being hit by a train. we have the incredible body cam video coming up. and what we're seeing this morning is a little bit of fog and definitely some chilly temperatures a lot of us are
7:38 am
hanging out in the 30's right >>i'm talking a nice afternoon on tap still to come. >>and i'm tracking your commute around the bay area check out the view of one oh one this is the caltrans camera showing you folks heading south out of san francisco, it starts to slow at the 80 split and a pretty much stays like this out toward candlestick once again that' we tried to get the politicians to deal with the problem. but they wouldn't. so we took it to the voters and forced big tobacco to pay its share of healthcare costs. we fought oil companies for new clean air laws and closed a billion dollar corporate tax loophole to fund public schools. by going directly to the people we got results. that's not something you see a lot of from washington these days. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. let's make change happen.
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>>so what you're looking at is video of a police officer. actually surviving being hit by a by the way this is 3 d so it looks like a global yeah, it's his body camera video and he was probably chasing a burglary suspect down the railroad tracks in the video you cannot secure the train blasting its horn and then it strikes the officer here at has already been released from the hospital believe it or not but in some of the images i've seen of him, he's got a cast on one on there you go area it's amazing. he jumped in time or hopefully we're going to hear at an interview with him at some point where he describes what exactly happened. but this we're glad he's all right. also in the news a has given a new laptop after his was stolen in vacaville anthony matthews is his name he was working on his laptop at a starbucks on a vista avenue when we heard the story before right a scif came up grabbed it and ran off. he initially gave chase but then figured you know it's not
7:42 am
worth it we just had a story recently about somebody dying while chasing to recover left up that have been stolen at a coffee shop. the community heard what happened though, and they ended up raising $1200 and less than 2 weeks later, you can see in their sporting his new computer. just in time for his political science classes which we can tomorrow so just in time 7.42 boz the world has lost a women's labor and i have lost my mom. >>i'm going to take a look back at her life so you can see how i turned out like this. and how she helped
7:43 am
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>>welcome back 7.45 on this monday morning getting back to work today with a few spots of low lying cloud cover hanging out especially in east bay hills to be from lick observatory shows you what we're about to see though this afternoon which is a lot of sunshine after these low clouds continue to burn off across the bay skies are going to be nice and dry throughout the course the afternoon a couple of areas of light snowfall in the western slope of the sierra some slick roads on 80 if you're heading up that direction today now even though we remain dry during daytime hours today evening as an entirely different story as showers begin to push in after sunset by 08:30pm you're seeing some light showers in the north bay, those drift into the rest of the bay area mostly towards 10:11pm moving into our early morning hours tomorrow, some moderate to light showers continue by 03:00am we should be working our way out of the bulk of those are areas of rain few should lingering showers right
7:46 am
above san jose torture early commute and then the rest of tomorrow looks to be a dry much like today with some increasingly clear skies to the course here tuesday today's daytime highs will rise into the mid to upper 50's most of us in the mid 50's today though further south on the peninsula and into the south bay is where you'll find some of our warmer temperatures getting close to the 60 degree mark in areas like san jose campbell santa clara and milpitas east bay temperatures midst 50's for you pleasanton livermore and double in each 55 or 56 degrees each oakland and san leandro 56 while the north bay also looking at those mid 50's today. now later on this week as we're expecting the most significant rainfall sure we do have rainfall tonight, but it's going to be short lived not amounting to too much. it's wednesday night into thursday that we're seeing our heaviest of rain are strongest of winds. a company by some pretty cool temperatures to so do expect icy conditions in some mountainous spots robbed all right. thank you john
7:47 am
heading to south san jose north one oh number now. >>getting word of an accident there that was already active but now that more emergency crews have arrived. they may have all lanes blocked this is leaving south san jose north when i want to burn now traffic is already slow leading up to the scene but they've issued a special traffic alert as they work to get this out of the way so it's going to be a hot spot that i'm tracking for you. if you are traveling at to the morgan hill side you have to deal with this pocket of slow traffic from san martino morgan hill and then here's a trouble spot. north one o one of the burnout exit so 18 minutes and growing for the drive time, i'll definitely keep my eyes on it for you 70 oh bridge, a busy commute leaving hayward but no big problems over to the peninsula and sluggish but not bad 28 minutes off to one o one not much of an improvement into san francisco, the traffic here on 80 west crawling from all connectors so it's backed up and heavily through the oakland maids a peek at traffic tracker decent numbers for 5.80 west 6 80 and the nimitz and 2.37 only 9 minutes
7:48 am
milpitas to sonny bill. >>in the morning buzz, you know how i like to highlight badass women well today, i'd like to dedicate this buzz to my mom. still the amount of co because this is the first time in my 20 years on the air in san francisco. that she isn't watching at home right now just like you are and that's because last week after a long battle with a lung condition called c o p d my mom took her final breath, knowing her, i'm sure she's watching from somewhere else because my mom. >>was my biggest fan an critic daryn that dressed in fit right, but she managed to fit in my daughters on channel 4 in every conversation even on her frequent trips to the emergency room and i know this because when i get there the entire hospital wing already knew me. my mom is probably singlehandedly responsible for at least a 100 years. she's also probably why i became a reporter because she was the most curious person i have
7:49 am
ever met about life the world and other people and herself. she studied newspapers and magazines like they were the encyclopedia and phil donahue and dinah shore we're always spreading their wisdom on our tv. i know that's why i turn telling other people's stories into my career. my mom started her story in 19 32 in boston. she grew up during the great depression. but the mount the coast. they were extra pour because they were ukrainian immigrants with 9 children. her dad sold vegetables from a horse drawn cart and her mom raise the kids and with 9 miles to feed that basically meant keeping them alive with a lot of matzo ball soup. my mom provided about the same little amount of mothering to me and my 3 siblings just kept us alive. she didn't help with my homework or bake cookies actually hardly made dinner. no when i was growing up my mom was more focused on her own growth and her quest for
7:50 am
knowledge love and adventure she got a college degree she took flying lessons, she became a women's liver and started traveling the world a father on that path would be called a renaissance man or just a man but in her day a woman who broke the mold was called a bad mother i call that bs women today have the courage to say me too because women like my mom had the courage to say me first. my mom wasn't afraid of change or chance. she burned a lot of bridges and she jumped off a lot of cliffs unfortunately many times without a parachute, we kids paid a price for that. but it sure made for an interesting life while other moms were hosting tupperware parties. my mom was hosting sai baba group chance and assertiveness training when the other kids red i was learning to belly dance and when everybody else was going to school i was running around the commune making art and music. i honestly can't remember how i learned to read
7:51 am
but i sure do remember entering public school and 6th grade and not knowing any science or history or my times table and it was all her fault. and now that i'm a mom i believe that if we're going to blame everything wrong about us our parents and we should also give them credit for everything right. my mom didn't teach me a cook. she told me the lands she taught me to love she told me to give her the one thing that she couldn't give yourself forgiveness, forgiveness for the things that she did or didn't do or won't do or could do better. and i don't know about you, but i sure hope that my kids learn to do the same for me you don't need to apologize. mom. i love you as you are. ernest hemingway wrote the old man and the sea at 52
7:52 am
7:53 am
satchel paige was still dominating batters at 59. celia cruz was still winning grammys at 77 john wheeler illuminated our ideas of the universe at 70
7:54 am
and roger crouch was 56 when he first went into space your best is yet to come >>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>world war one drama 19 17 won the battle at the box office knocking off the new star wars movie from the top spot. david daniel looking at that and the other movies that round out the top 5 they can use the drama just mercy tied for 4th place in its first weekend of wide release earning $10 million the comedy like a boss tide just mercy at number 4 watching with 10 million of its own jumanji the next level is up to 257 million domestic after a 3rd place weekend worth million.
7:55 am
>>after 3 weekends on top star wars, the rise of skywalker fell the second grossing million for a domestic total of 478 million. >>in 1917 emerged victorious in its first weekend of wide release the golden globe winning world war one pick topped the chart with 36 and a half million dollars in hollywood. i'm david daniel. coming up in the next hour the matchup is set the 40 niners will be hosting the green bay packers in the nfc championship game at levi's stadium will have highlights of what we saw this weekend coming up. >>plus moms for housing will be holding a rally this morning after homeless mothers were ordered to move out of the home they're squatting and we'll have live details coming up. >>and a dozen new park police officers on patrol on trains and stations after a recent increase in violence 12 on that story as well. here's a
7:56 am
quick live look outside we've got the golden gate bridge were nice blue skies this morning old greet you as you head out the door some sunshine to it is a little chilly. but don't let the picture fool you and this week it is going to be a bit wet. we'll have more on our wintry forecast coming up with john travel in a moment and of course robin winston will have a full check of the morning right we'll see if there are any hot spots out there.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
and thanks for joining us. sir, i guess i'm glad to be joining you honor a kid, you know. >>how it ended up turning out for me that i am so glad to be back at work i really am we're glad to have you back to be sure it is what it is monday january 13th, we've got a week ahead of us of wintry weather coming into play. we also have a commute that's beginning to build what you see on the roads right now new hot spot south san jose several lanes are blocked on one oh one north it's not looking so good ok and tell us when this weather is going to turn so thursday is going to be the big turn that's the one 80 that's going bring us the heavy rain some of the coldest temperatures on with that rain too. so yeah, we're looking at is not as good of a week for spending outside has what we had been getting used to you are starting to see some of the low lying cloud cover over berkeley a starting to burn
8:00 am
off it really isn't resulted in visibility issues and tell you head up into the hills. >>with visibility holding pretty strong for the vast majority of the bay area right now so skies are dry we're going to stay this way through the afternoon your morning and evening commute, not too bad as far as weather goes if you are driving after your evening commute tonight though is when we can expect some showers well past sunset, dublin, you're still hanging out in the 30's much as the north bay is as well while berkeley oakland alameda, san francisco in the 40's right now later today expect 50's some mostly sunny skies and a pretty seasonable day robin all right, thank you john will head to south san jose we have a big trouble spot on one oh one it's an accident northbound at for now road. >>and it is blocking all lanes of traffic so chp has issued a special traffic alert ford traffic is squeezing by at the on ramp, so they are getting through but all of the lanes on the freeway are pretty much shut down with emergency


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